The Two of us (Chapter 9)

Jamari woke to The sunlight streaming through the window and casting beautiful patterns on the bare floor boards in his room, He felt a new sense of calm he was happy!, Not even the lack of water or the state of his home could bring him down. He had just bagged the woman of his dreams things couldnt be better.

Not planning ahead was to be his downfall again as he realized he couldn’t give Arabella the dream wedding she deserved. He spent the next few days and nights collecting. The least he could do was make sure they had running water and a bigger bed by the time she moved in. 02-09-15_2-24 PM 02-09-15_7-16 PM 02-09-15_7-16 PM-2

Arabella chose to take care of the garden while Jamari spent every spare minute out collecting. Arabella’s lack of gardening skill meant Jamari’s once thriving garden was soon a mess. Most of the plants were dead and in place of carrots, Basil, Mushroom and spinach sprouted trash plants. 02-11-15_12-38 PM 02-11-15_12-35 PM-2 02-11-15_12-51 PM

Jamari’s beautiful fiance was struggling he could see how hard this life was on her. He had to make things better for her or End the relationship it wasn’t fair of him to bring her into this situation he hated seeing her suffer like this.

02-11-15_12-53 PM02-11-15_12-53 PM-2

> Chapter 10


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