The Visitor (Chapter2)

It was a few minutes until Jamari Managed to stop himself crying. He’d been very close to his Grandfather, In fact grandpa was the one who gave him his name he was named Jamari after Grampy Marcel’s own father.

His grandfather had suffered ill health all his life and by the time Jamari was born he was struggling to look after himself so moved in with his only Son Marcus and wife Estelle and they cared for him it was a wonderful set up, Grampy and Jamari were inseparable. (A big kid and a little Kid They had so much fun.)

Jamari was heartbroken when his grandfather had to move to the old folk’s home. Jamari Visited or phoned to speak to Grampy every day, Even More so after his parents had both died in that freak spa Accident.  Grampy had sent him to boarding school and used all his saving’s even selling his house and all other assets to pay Jamari’s tuition and ensure he had a regular allowance.

Jamari Headed to the bathroom to wash the tears and snot from his face, He grabbed the bathrobe from behind the door and made his way to the Reception hall.02-09-15_10-57 AM

The Reception hall was eerily quiet at this time in the morning. Usually it was filled with the Laughter, Shouting and the various other noises the boys made.

Jamari’s Eyes scanned the room until he caught sight of the two men in the far corner of the room. He made his way over. He had no idea who the visitor was he was smartly dressed and didn’t seem much older than himself.

Both Men had already stood up before he had reached them, The Visitor extended his hand and introduced himself  ” I am  Kevin Markson I’m from Monty and stern solicitors” Jamari nodded “I’m in charge of dealing with your grandfather’s will” Kevin informed him. “I Understand he passed away during the night, I am truly sorry for your loss. I have been instructed to read his Will Immediately on the event of his death. As his only Living relative it should be pretty straight forward. Mr Markson gestured for Jamari to take a seat. When all three men were sitting Mr Markson opened his folder on the table and began to read.

02-09-15_11-08 AM-2



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