Tragedy (Chapter 14)

The Household objects continued to breakdown and without much Handiness skill nothing stayed fixed for long. As Jamari had been spending every day and night out collecting Arabella decided to take matters into her own hands and fix the refrigerator she had watched Jamari repair this piece of junk countless times and beside’s she had him close by to offer advice.

03-19-15_9-18 AM 03-19-15_9-19 AM

Shortly after starting the repairs the power was cut again from late bill payments. So Arabella gave up on the repair job ( Not soon enough though) Closing the refrigerator door she was shocked by a huge jolt of electricity that started at her finger tips and shuddered through her entire body.

03-19-15_9-19 AM-2 03-19-15_9-19 AM-3 03-19-15_9-23 AM03-19-15_9-24 AM

Her family could do nothing to help her they just stood frozen to the spot in shock and disbelief as the light in their lives died. Jamari Pleaded with the grim Reaper to spare his beloved alas his request was denied.

03-19-15_9-27 AM-2 03-19-15_9-28 AM

Tate screamed angrily at Grim  “Give me my mom back” he demanded “I need her she’s my mommy, I hate you. you stupid man. I Want my Mommy!”  Jamari’s heart broke for his son and he tried to comfort him he knew all too well the pain of losing a mother at such a young age.

03-19-15_9-29 AM 03-19-15_9-29 AM-2 03-19-15_9-30 AM 03-19-15_9-31 AM

It had been a difficult night but Jamari felt the best thing to do was try to keep routine in Tate’s life so sent him of to school as usual. He was inexperienced parent and didn’t know how to manage his own grief and care for his son. He spent the day in the garden reminiscing about the short time he’d had with Arabella.

03-19-15_9-46 AM 03-19-15_9-33 AM

It wasn’t long before the water was cut off. Even though they had managed to save about half the money needed for the bills now he was on his own it would take twice as long to raise the rest. So he had to resort to taking Tate to the park to scavenge hot food and get entertainment also to use the restrooms they visited the gym once in a while to use the showers. It was a miserable existence.

03-19-15_9-50 AM 03-19-15_9-51 AM 03-19-15_9-51 AM-203-19-15_9-52 AM 03-19-15_9-57 AM-2 03-19-15_10-02 AM 03-19-15_10-02 AM-203-19-15_10-14 AM

On one of these regular trips to the park Take found a fishing rod and decided to give it a try he was a natural fisherman and found himself a rare treasure a cowplant berry he popped it in his pocket and gave it to his father to plant ” Look daddy I found this can you plant it for me “of course son” Jamari replied “I’d read about these things in the gardener monthly magazine never thought I would get the chance to  see one let alone grow one”  Tate smiled it had been a while since he’d seen one on his son’s face. “Oh Daddy” Tate piped up “Can we call her Bella? I think Mom would like that”.

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