Trouble in Twin Haven

Worried about getting in trouble for picking on Leilani, Kalani had started directing his pranks at Ailani this included putting the spoiled fish he’d caught under his pillow and in his school bag. The usually quiet Ailani snapped and let loose a tirade of abuse at his twin. Kalani was shocked and rendered speechless as his brother vented his anger.

Blair witnessed the exchange and went to speak to Kalani. “You don’t realise but the pranks you pull might seem like fun. Until you end up on the receiving end. Your brother is Angry and understandably so. Imagine how you would feel if someone pulled these pranks on you. Give him some time to calm down then go apologise.”01-12-16_10-06-05 PM

She went to speak to Ailani ” I know your angry and upset you have every right to be. These pranks are hurtful and upsetting. Your brother realises now how much he’s upset you and I’m sure he’ll apologise soon. But I hope you realise now how poor Leilani has been feeling with both you and Kalani picking on her.”

This gave Ailani something to think about.