Up and out

The next few years followed the same routine of work/school, Home, homework, Skill building, Dinner, Bed. Some would say it was boring but Rebel would tell you stability in a child’s life is important and necessary to ensure they have a bright future.

Thorne disagreed and decided to move away to live with his mom. With his girlfriend and her Brother (as their mom had recently died). In time they would become parents to a Daughter called Acacia Monti-Vogel.

Juliet also left home she moved in with Jaden (the guy she’d met while camping) After a few years they too would have a Daughter Tianna Spaulding

Romeo Met Nancy at the Library and left town to be close to her. Their son Mercutio would grow up loving books like his mum and dad. He was the apple of their eye.

Sapphire met Professor Norbert Klump at the University open day. They talked for hours and even though it was strictly forbidden they started a relationship. There love was Taboo and sapphire knew it wouldn’t last if she didn’t do something drastic. She Dropped out of school and the pair ran away to sunset valley they had a son Emerald Klump.

Sapphire returned some years later with Edward in tow so her dad could meet/get to know his grandson and Invite him and the rest of the family to visit them in Sunset valley.