Vacay (Chapter 54)

Milano planned a family trip to the same campsite he visited with his own parents years before. He invited the whole family but not everyone could attend.

Milan and Minnie stayed at home with the baby. Suzette stayed home to give Paris sometime to evaluate his feelings and assess their relationship. Rome declined the invitation as did Shannen, Angel and Morello.

09-28-15_2-32-27 PM 09-28-15_2-34-13 PM 09-28-15_2-36-05 PM 09-28-15_2-36-45 PM

When they arrived Milano immediately lit the campfire and gathered everyone around to talk,Tell stories and get reacquainted ( Milano, Layuh, Tianii, Charnaii, Paris, Sophie, Terence and Cherry.)

The Mini break was a success. Milano tended to the wild plants and collected bugs. The rest of the group played games, watched the stars and had fun together.

09-28-15_2-51-44 PM 09-28-15_2-45-41 PM 09-28-15_2-34-01 PM 09-28-15_2-37-17 PM 09-28-15_2-39-22 PM 09-28-15_2-39-49 PM 09-28-15_2-49-54 PM09-28-15_2-48-02 PM

At least until a fire started. Milano rushed to put it out but it had already put a dampener on the holiday. Already packed up the group headed home.

09-28-15_2-41-14 PM 09-28-15_2-42-05 PM 09-28-15_2-42-13 PM 09-28-15_2-42-43 PM

>Chapter 55>


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