Von Hatter strikes again (Chapter 35)

Unbeknown to his family Morello has been secretly calling and visiting Valentina. His mother had already warned him not to see her. She was once his fathers old romantic interest and was far too old for him even though he had recently had a birthday and was now a young Adult.

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Morello was Infatuated with Valentina she was working as a detective at the local station and used patrol’s as an excuse to sneak away and spend time with him.

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She loved him and knew his parents would never approve of their relationship. She was older than both of them and his father Tate’s old flame to boot. She would soon be 50 and was not about to let love pass her by. So when Morello proposed she didn’t hesitate to snatch the ring from it’s box and slide it on her finger.

They eloped immediately. Returning to the Vogel estate to share the news with the family.

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Shocked was an understatement. Angela and Tate couldn’t believe their eyes or ears when Morello dropped the Bombshells. “Ma, Dad me and Valentina are married and expecting a baby” Tate’s jaw hit the floor “My ex and my son. Angela tell me this is a joke” He spoke to his wife. “I’m not doing this” he walked over to his easel and began to paint.

06-10-15_10-11 AM 06-10-15_10-13 AM

Angela was upset but not about to lose another child. “Congratulations baby Seeing you happy makes me happy” she said as she forced a smile at her son and his new wife.

06-10-15_12-52 PM 06-10-15_12-57 PM

Without even a discussion Valentina moved into the family house. Tate kept his distance he was finding it too difficult to accept. so spent every waking moment at one of the three easels painting away his worries.

06-10-15_11-05 AM 06-10-15_11-12 AM 06-10-15_11-14 AM 06-10-15_11-20 AM

Angela tried to make Valentina feel at ease she hated the situation and the effect it was having on Tate and Morello who had started Doll house smashing again. She was excited at the prospect of becoming a grandmother and hoped becoming a father would mellow Morello.

Hoping it would bring the family together Angela threw a costume party for Angel’s sweet sixteen. It was a success Tate and Valentina started talking again.

06-10-15_12-08 PM 06-10-15_12-20 PM 06-10-15_12-25 PM 06-10-15_12-26 PM

Angel grew up, and Angela received another gold medal and a gift of an iced Llama as reward for another successful party.

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The family had also recently started storing their collectables on the second floor of the house.

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