Wake Dreamer.


Oake opened his Eyes and pulled back the covers he felt a little disappointed but also a huge sense of relief. Sliding out of bed he dragged himself downstairs and smiled and watched as his grandmother Minnie made breakfast.
Grandpa Milan was painting at the Easel and Dad was out in the garden caring for his plants. The abduction, Grandma and Dad’s Death, Ronnie and Baby Rebel all those Events were just an ultra realistic dream.

Oake was relieved his family was all still here. But he couldn’t help but feel something was missing from his life. Romance…. Oake Decided to start an Oasis springs branch of The Lonely Hearts club a place for Local single guys and gals to get together. He held the first meeting at his home but with only 2 members it wasn’t much of a meeting.

The Meeting was a bust Destiny Tried chatting with Devon in the garden but as soon as he started to show an interest in her she knocked him back.

Oake and Vikram talked but there was no chemistry. An old friend of Oake’s Chardonnay turned up and asked to join the club by the time they had finished reconnecting and discussing their hopes and dreams Chardonnay had agreed to become a surrogate mother for Oake and within a matter of days was expecting his Child.


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