We lost chunk of time. (Chapter 39)

Well a lot has happened since the wedding. So i’ll Let Milano tell you what you missed.

Hi readers Milano here I’ll try to keep it short.

  • We welcomed our first child into the world a little girl we named Tianii although Layuh loved her she kept her distance from the baby  (Her Hates children trait meant she ignored Tianii and left it up to me and Mum to look after her) Mum loved every minute she was the doting Grandma.

06-10-15_6-24 PM 06-10-15_6-25 PM 06-10-15_7-13 PM 06-11-15_9-28 AM 06-11-15_9-34 AM06-12-15_12-14 PM-2

  • Our second child soon followed and although Layuh tried she wasn’t much better with Charnaii.

06-11-15_2-59 PM 06-11-15_2-59 PM-3 06-11-15_3-00 PM 06-15-15_6-52 PM-3

  • Mum Passed away in the Garden surrounded by her plants ( she also died in the Bedroom, Outside the front of the House and in the garden again. Due to the game crashing whenever Grim turned up. It was all those plants she was hoarding in her inventory 😦 )

06-15-15_7-50 PM 06-15-15_7-56 PM 06-15-15_7-57 PM-2 06-16-15_9-45 AM-2 06-16-15_10-04 AM 06-16-15_10-05 AM-2

  • Angel moved out shortly after Mum’s death (Moved in with Morello and Shannen who had also lost her mum Valentina).
  • You’d think we would have learned but Layuh and I are now parents to three boys the triplets Paris, Milan and Rome.

06-16-15_1-13 PM 06-16-15_2-32 PM-2 06-16-15_2-32 PM-4 06-16-15_2-32 PM-6

  • The boys are Children with personalities so different from each other. And the girls are now teens

06-16-15_11-45 AM06-16-15_11-45 AM-3 06-16-15_2-29 PM 06-16-15_2-30 PM 06-16-15_2-30 PM-2 06-16-15_2-30 PM-3

  • We had to start renovations on the second floor so the boys could have their own spaces. Tianii and Charnai have moved into mine and Morello’s old rooms.
  • Dad is still painting. Still struggling with losing Mum. But he seems to be doing well.

06-16-15_11-27 AM-2 06-16-15_11-03 AM 06-16-15_11-04 AM 06-16-15_12-31 PM

All caught up so I guess this is where I pass you back to the Narrator so she can continue our story.

Chapter 40 >

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