Wedded Bliss or Not

Zahir Planned the wedding. Everything was perfect or should have been but everything that could go wrong did.01-10-16_5-18-15 PM

First He’d Invited all of Blair’s family plus his own parents and siblings. Unfortunately since Rainne was in mourning she declined the invitation. Blair’s family Didn’t receive their invitations nor did half the other guests and a random bunch of people arrived in their place.

Zahir managed to get her parents to come eventually but they were not dressed for the occasion. Then the  caterer also failed to arrive and Rebel had to bake the Wedding cake instead.

There was an issue with the Wedding arch so our couple couldn’t get married under it. The ceremony took place close by instead.

It was not the best start to their marriage. But as news of the pregnancy spread Zahir knew things would only get better.

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