Kalani’s treatment of his brother and sister seemed to have had a lasting effect as they had become withdrawn and obsessed with all things Dark and Morose. Ailani had even dyed his hair black. They slunk off to great grandpa Devon’s basement and stayed down there in the darkness whispering and looking glum.

Blair was sure it was just a phase and Zahir was too busy writing his Vogel Asylum Screenplay to worry about kids in the basement (“oh book idea!!” he thought to himself “better jot that down”)

Kalani was a little happier he and River had developed a shared interest in fitness and the body beautiful. They worked out in the home gym occasionally but loved visiting the community gym “What’s the point in looking this good if the ladies cant see it.” River laughed with his cousin.

Although Kalani worked out he just couldn’t quit the junk food and soon his beautiful body and face were no longer a perfect match. As he had an acne breakout. Grandpa Rebel suggested some creams and ointments and a change in diet. It didn’t help and Kalani’s confidence was knocked he  withdrew to the homegym. Refusing to leave the house except to attend school.


>Tables turned>