Zahir had watched as his siblings all up and moved away. He hated it he’d never felt so alone Rainne was still their but as all she did was paint they rarely spoke. He started Writing books and was quite successful but after 7 published works he got a bad case of writers block so went out to find some inspiration. He visited the Von Haunt Estate and saw a stunner he wasted no time introducing himself. Her name was Blair Baehr and she had just moved to Windenburg with her family. Zahir suggested they take the tour together and blair agreed. As they toured the grounds it wasn’t only the flowers that blossomed so did their feelings for each other.


A few months down the line and many dates later. Zahir was ready to start writing again and he started with a book of romantic poems he dedicated to his sweetheart.

He set up a candle lit dinner on the roof. Invited Blair over. While reciting poems from his book dropped to one knee and presented Blair with a ring.

>Wedded Bliss or not>