This is My first Legacy. (Newbie Here :-D) It is  a continuation of the short story I wrote about Vogel Asylum, This is a legacy with a twist so it is slightly different to the one’s you usually see.

But it’s best to start at where it all began. So here is the link to The Vogel Asylum Short story as  without it we wouldn’t have The Vogel Legacy.


A Sims4 Legacy.

If you are new to legacies like myself check out the following link:


I am making a few adjustments to the rules to suit the Vogel story but they are only changes to the challenge set up/start up. (All laws will be strictly adhered to)

Succession law

Gender:- Patriarchy

Bloodline:- Strict Traditional

Heir:- Democracy (unless there are no voters then first born will be chosen)



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m about to start this challenge. I’m a long time sim player but have NEVER done a challenge so I’m excited to start. I’m doing Matriarchy, strict traditional and first born female for my succession law. Off I go 🙂


    • I have to warn you this challenge is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. my sim almost starved right at the start and basically lived at the gym/park as he couldn’t pay bills(for hygiene purposes and collecting). It was just a personal challenge but I’m glad you want to give it a go I wish you all the luck in the world and the most important thing is to just have fun!! 🙂


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