Lonely Hearts

Losing his great grandma at his birthday party had affected Rebel he decided he needed to live life to the fullest. He Applied to join Partihaus  The superstar Dancing club he was confident of his skill and wanted to share his technique with the world.


His Skill surpassed theirs and he soon quit the club. But not before the Rebel fan girls club started the girls followed him everywhere it was annoying at first but. seeing how lonely and Miserable his father was he soon felt Blessed.

Rebel Encouraged his father to restart the lonely Hearts club.

Oake arranged a gathering at the Spa the club now had the Maximum amount of members it was fantastic having so many people  on the same wavelength to spend time with.

Although Destiny Appeared to have started resorting to desperate measures and spent the whole outing Butt Naked after 2 warnings Oake eventually had to ask her to leave the group as she refused to get dressed and was making everyone uncomfortable.

Returning home he was pleasantly surprised to meet Zhaan Xor who had recently moved to the Area and was hoping to join the club. Zhaan was accepted Immediately and the two began to spend time together first within the group then as a couple.

>Leaving the Club>