Bit of a blur (Chapter 40)

The Next few years passed by so quickly I nearly missed it.

Tate still Cries for Angela on a regular basis but with his growing family always on hand to comfort him (and Layuh to feed him up with her new baking experiments) He is Happy and healthy a little chubbier too.

06-16-15_3-46 PM-2 06-16-15_12-57 PM-206-16-15_4-07 PM

The Boys never spend much time together they all have their own interests. Rome is our Budding scientist always in his room conducting experiments, Paris our little Violinist loves to perform even when no-one is watching and last but not least Milan the Cool dude tried his hand at painting but didn’t get much joy from it. So you will usually find him swinging from the monkey bars in the front garden

06-16-15_3-44 PM-2 06-17-15_9-36 AM 06-16-15_3-45 PM-2 06-16-15_4-10 PM

Milano and the girls have taken on the mammoth task of caring for Nana Angela’s garden. Its a constant chore for the girls as they would much rather be in their rooms talking about boys and  the latest teen drama.

07-15-15_1-10 PM 06-17-15_9-30 AM 06-17-15_9-32 AM 06-17-15_9-31 AM

Milano is starting to enjoy it he feels closer to his mum and has even started adding his own plants from his foraging during the camping trip.

06-16-15_11-27 AM 06-16-15_11-08 AM 07-15-15_1-09 PM

Spotting some plants behind his home lot from the window he heads out at 6 am to harvest what he can he knows it’s the boys birthday and he has been given the job of arranging the party. he starts collecting Cherry, Lemon, Daisy even a few frogs when he comes across a cave with a boarded up entrance.

08-24-15_10-56 AM 08-24-15_10-58 AM

He pulls his Hammer from out of nowhere and starts breaking the boards , When the entrance is clear he creeps inside, Milano decides to explore the Wide path, goes down the rickety ladder stepping off onto the ledge and following the mossy path he’s almost blinded by the Breath taking sight of the Grotto. Bright colourful gemstone’s light up this beautiful area he spots some new plants and tries to harvest what he can he cant resist pulling out his rod hoping to discover some new exotic fish.

08-24-15_10-58 AM-3 08-24-15_10-59 AM 08-24-15_11-08 AM 08-24-15_11-09 AM-2 08-24-15_11-10 AM 08-24-15_11-11 AM

He soon loses track of time and forgets to book the venue for the boys party, As an after thought he calls the guests and arranges a house party before heading home back the way he came.

The guests had already arrive by the time he’d got there. Layuh made some cakes and the party commenced. The boys grew into such Handsome young men any parent would be proud.

08-24-15_11-13 AM 08-24-15_11-23 AM 08-24-15_11-24 AM 08-24-15_11-25 AM 08-24-15_11-31 AM 08-24-15_11-32 AM 08-24-15_11-33 AM 08-24-15_11-34 AM-2 08-24-15_11-34 AM-3 08-24-15_11-35 AM

And now it’s that time again. Who will be the next Heir to the Vogel legacy?

08-24-15_11-55 AM-4 Rome

08-24-15_11-55 AMParis

08-24-15_12-04 PMMilan

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Chapter 41

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