Twin trouble

The four children in the household grew and thrived.

River was a sweet boy just like his father. He talked to his mom regularly and tried to make her smile at least once a day she had not recovered from the death of his father and constantly painted sad works.

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Ailani and Kalani were trouble they tormented their sister daily. They Played tricks on her, teased her and pushed her around.

“Can I  play” she’d ask  “No you big baby it’s a twin thing” Kalani answered. “but your not twins we’re triplets” Leilani stated. Only for Kalani to reply” uh no… Me and Ailani are Twins, you’re just the reject mom bought home by mistake….Dummy dummy gumdrop!!” He stuck his tongue out at her then ran off to play with his brother.

Although Ailani was the oldest Kalani was the ringleader he was the boss in the group and poor Ailani just blindly followed. The twins played tricks on everyone they even took to dressing the same. to confuse the neighbours and teachers at school.

Leilani complained to her parents as did the neighbours, Blair had finally had enough and sat the boys down to discuss their behaviour.

They had promised to behave and instead of causing trouble they started a group with their sis and cousins called Vogel kids and during club outings they fished and played in the park with a chaperone of course.

>Trouble in Twin Haven>