The Decision (Chapter10)

With his mind made up Jamari sat his fiancé down. He had made his decision and he was heartbroken.

He couldn’t bear to lose the love of his life but having her grow to resent him later would be so much harder.

“Arabella I feel it would be best if you moved back in with your father. Your Miserable here and I can’t bear to watch you suffer anymore ” Jamari was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Arabella’s father Jamari had called him earlier to discuss Arabella moving back in with him.02-11-15_5-27 PMArabella was furious ” you called my father you told him I was moving home and you didn’t think I should have any say in how/where I live my own life” she took a deep breath and continued ” Sorry Dad but you had a wasted journey I am staying here with my fiancé. It’s tough but I love him and as long as we have each other we’ll be fine. She gave Jamari a hard stare. once Jamari had gone back inside she gave her father a hug and whispered in his ear ” It is great to see you, I Love that you care enough to come all the way over here. I love you” she waved him goodbye and went back inside.

02-11-15_5-28 PM-202-11-15_5-29 PM



> Chapter 11












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