Roles Reversed ( Chapter 17)

Tate spent all his time Painting He slacked off at school (when he bothered to attend) as he believed keeping the family afloat was more important. He cooked, Cleaned and painted. His father hadn’t been the same since his mother died.He had lost interest in life and the things that had previously bought him joy (like the garden).

03-19-15_1-35 PM03-19-15_1-57 PM 03-19-15_1-57 PM-2 03-19-15_2-01 PM

Tate loved to paint the more he painted the better he got. Pieces by Tate were in demand and each painting sold as soon as it was completed. the money he earned made much needed improvements to the Vogel home and the rest saved for the next months bills.

It was the morning of Jamari’s birthday so Tate Attempted to bake him a cake (it was a great effort even if it was a little burnt)

03-19-15_2-03 PM 03-19-15_2-05 PM 03-19-15_2-06 PM 03-19-15_2-06 PM-3 03-19-15_2-06 PM-4 03-19-15_2-16 PM

Jamari was touched and also a little sad that his son had done for him what he hadn’t managed once in all those years. It was a lovely little celebration, and the push that Jamari needed he decided he was going to be the father Tate deserved and allow his son to enjoy what was left of his childhood.

Jamari was aware that Tate had been missing school so woke up early made breakfast and woke his boy up for a healthy breakfast and send him off to school on time. Jamari’s days were filled with cleaning,collecting and making sure dinner was cooked by the time Tate arrived home from a productive day at school. Arabella no longer appeared and although this made Jamari sad he knew as long as he did his job as a father. She would no longer be angry with him when it was time for him to join her.

03-19-15_2-28 PM 03-19-15_2-31 PM-2 03-19-15_2-52 PM-303-19-15_2-29 PM

Tate dreamed of owning an art gallery one day (he had already decided would be called Pieces of Tate) School wasn’t necessary to achieve his goal but he couldn’t let his dad down so he worked hard and kept up his Attendance.

As a family they were much happier. They had all the basics and a regular income from painting and selling collectables.

>Chapter 18


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