The Letter (Chapter 4)


Alone in his room Jamari tears open the letter, His eyes take in his grandfather’s handwriting. He feels that familiar lump in his throat and soon finds himself blubbering like a baby unable to control the flood of tears as it dawned on him that at just 17 he was truly alone.  It was more than an hour later when he was finally able to look at the letter without sobbing.

The Letter contained the history of the asylum and also detailed how his great, great grandmother Ariella had moved away from the asylum and changed the family surname as the horror story of the Vogel asylum and the cruel Rhyme followed her however far she travelled.

(Go in healthy, Happy, Sweet.

A Belly soon full of mystery meat.

When your friends all disappear look in the kitchen coz I fear.

The Vogel’s cooked your friends in here.

Buried their stuff with the herbs

Lunch and dinner was superb.

The ribs and steak

Tasted great.

You just dined on your friends mate. )

It also gave Jamari the full conditions of the legacy.

*Only a true descendant of the Vogel family and bearing the Vogel name can inherit the Asylum. They must restore the house to its former glory of either a family home or hospital.

*You must also restore the tarnished Vogel family name. At present bearing the Vogel name makes it impossible to find work (no-one wants to be associated with the name in any way). So money can only be made selling crafted items or collectibles (No food can be sold as no-one want’s to eat anything that comes from The Vogel Asylum. although any food grown can be used as nourishment for the family.)

*Careers can be entered into any time after the 3rd gen as family reputation should be a little better by then.

*The House is completely empty as over time fixtures and fittings have been vandalized or degraded. There is however a knight statue that was created by Imani Vogel. This stands as a reminder of the glory days. It must not/cannot be sold.

And a little note from grampy telling why it is his desire to be scattered on the lot.

I Had promised my grandmother Ariella that I would make everything better, she always cried when I asked her of her childhood, she remembered that place with such fondness but her memories were clouded by the darkness that taunted her everyday until she died, She had wanted to help people and instead lived with the guilt of the lives damaged and lost. But my ill heath prevented me from ever being able to return there. So this is my last chance to return to the place that should have been home.

“Home” Jamari sighed as he returned the letter to the torn envelope. “I’m going to make you proud grampy, we’ll go home together”.



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4 thoughts on “The Letter (Chapter 4)

  1. Oh wow, that sounds like some really tough rules. I really hope that Jamari won’t starve. I think his life is going to be really tough but I’m gonna be cheering for him all the way, regardless.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG girl! You got skizzels! LMAO! Your awesome! I love this story, and how it’s going! Your challenge actually has a story that tells the background of why and how everythings going on! I really appreciate that. A lot of ppl half step when they are telling their stories but yours did the whole 9! Loving it! #ImAddicted


  3. Thank you Soo Much. The Background for me is the most important thing. Coz once the Legacy game Actually starts your bound by the games limitations and can only write about what actually happens so it gets a little harder to write creatively. I’m Really Happy you like the story so far ❤


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