The Boys

Devon kept his connection to the victims to himself he knew if the chief got wind he would be dropped from the investigation. That meant he couldn’t tell his mom or dad either.

He got to work analysing the evidence and cross referencing the data until he’d found enough clues to issue an APB.

Soon as he’d received a report of a sighting of someone fitting the description he headed out and arrested the suspect.

After questioning Juan lister ., Devon finally had a  confession and the names of two accessories and the location of the Twin Boys. “Yeah we took em  that double crosser Aspen took the money and the goods. He fed us some rubbish about giving his sons a better life. So yeah we grabbed them. We needed those kids to use as ransom we nearly had them too till you  picked me up.

The criminals were bought in and booked.

The boys were taken to the hospital to be checked over and released into the care of their closest relative who just happened to be Devon.

After being chewed out by the chief for withholding information, Devon took them home. where he found Aspen waiting for him.

> (chapter 64)>