Devon’s Girl (chapter 59)

Devon had taken a break from crafting to explore the neighbourhoods looking for idea’s to add value to the Vogel house. It was his second visit to Simvalley Heights he had chosen that area as he had seen a beautiful girl there on his last trip but didn’t have the nerve to speak to her then. It was now or never  he walked over to her and said “Hi”. That was the start of a beautiful friendship which blossomed into a loving relationship.

He visited her regularly and even plucked  up the courage to propose.

she Rejected him “I love you Devon bu..but I just don’t think were ready for marriage” Naturi explained. Devon was mortified and rushed to the bathroom to settle his nerves and calm down.

“Ok Naturi I’m gonna head home i’ll call you later” he called to her as he rushed out the front door.

Devon went straight to bed and hid under the covers it was a few days before he resurfaced and went away to Granite falls to clear his head.

He returned feeling refreshed and ready to see Naturi he wanted to be with her even if she wasn’t ready to marry him. And as luck would have it she was already there waiting for him.

“I..We’re pregnant” she blurted out “What are we going to do?” Naturi cried. “We’re going to try our hardest to be good parents” Devon replied ” I know you don’t want to get married yet but I still love you babe. we can do this”  He continued. “Actually yes I do want to get married Devon have you still got the ring” Naturi asked. Devon wasn’t sure about her sudden turn around but handed her the ring anyway. as long as we love each other we can make it work he thought to himself as she flung her arms around him.


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