Whaaat? (chapter66)

Oake and Devon had a new joint hobby they had purchased a rocket building kit and proceeded to erect in in the space behind the house.

It was an amazing sight. Oake spent many a night outside just admiring his and his fathers handy work. He spotted some strange twinkling lights near the rocket and wondered over to investigate.

Oake couldn’t recall what happened next only waking a few days later next to the rocket his family frantic with worry as he had been missing for days.

He started suffering with a weird stomach ache Milan accompanied him to the doctors where the were both informed it was an alien pregnancy. And there was nothing the doctors could do. Oake returned home at first he was angry and upset but as his Bump grew bigger he started to feel excited at the prospect of being a dad.

His Partner Ronnie was also starting to get used to the idea of being a parent and moved in to be closer to Oake.

>Not another Loss (chapter 67)>