Family part 2 (Chapter 30)

As Milano became a child he couldn’t stay away from his baby brother. Just being near him filled him with happiness. He cooed at him and talked to him constantly. He hated the night time as he was sent to his own room, He missed  his baby brother and couldn’t wait till he was older so they could play together.

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Angela chose to get a new look with 2 babies under her belt her appearance had changed. The stretchmarks and loose skin around her stomach made her feel undesirable. She took out her hair extensions and got a new set of outfits.

04-12-15_2-19 PM-3 04-13-15_4-25 PM

Her new look had clearly done the trick as she was expecting again.

04-12-15_1-28 PM

Life slipped back into it’s usual routine. Morello grew up so Tate and Angela redecorated giving the boys the larger room. Angela was certain the baby she was expecting was going to be another boy so he would share the bedroom with Milano and Morello.

04-12-15_2-07 PM 04-12-15_2-08 PM 04-12-15_2-19 PM  04-13-15_4-24 PM-5

04-13-15_3-12 PM 04-12-15_2-34 PM 04-12-15_2-33 PM 04-12-15_2-33 PM-3

Tate Painted portraits of the boys and his wife’s new look to add to the family room wall while Angela and the boys tidied up the garden.

04-13-15_3-17 PM 04-13-15_3-14 PM 04-12-15_1-56 PM04-12-15_2-28 PM

The Bigger Angela got the harder it was to take care of the home. She cooked as often as she could and even tried her hand at baking. The boys mopped up spills while Tate repaired the broken appliances.

04-13-15_3-20 PM 04-13-15_3-20 PM-2 04-13-15_3-22 PM 04-13-15_3-29 PM 04-13-15_3-46 PM 04-13-15_3-45 PM

Morello was a hot headed child any and everything set him off on a toy destroying rampage. Which almost always left Milano a crying wreck. once His anger subsided he comforted his older brother and remorsefully asked one of his parents to repair the toy.

04-12-15_2-52 PM 04-12-15_2-52 PM-2 04-12-15_2-52 PM-3 04-12-15_2-52 PM-5 04-12-15_2-52 PM-6 04-12-15_3-09 PM-2

Angela and Tate hoped spending more time with the boys would help Morello’s mood swings. Tate bought him a creativity table. It seemed to help him redirect his anger for a short while.

04-13-15_3-13 PM-2 04-12-15_2-54 PM 04-13-15_3-33 PM-2 04-13-15_3-34 PM 04-13-15_3-36 PM 04-13-15_3-36 PM-2

Angela worried how bringing a new baby into the family would affect Morello. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

04-13-15_3-37 PM 04-13-15_3-13 PM04-12-15_3-10 PM 04-13-15_3-49 PM

This time she left Tate at home with the boys she called her Birthing partner Mary who had suddenly upped and left town. “I’m sorry I had a family emergency. I meant to call you ” Angela hung up she was upset and in pain, Now to make matters worse she found the only doctor on call was Dr Goth. Praying he’d had more experience since the last time she followed him to the birthing room.

04-13-15_3-52 PM 04-13-15_3-53 PM

04-13-15_3-54 PM 04-13-15_3-54 PM-2 04-13-15_3-54 PM-304-13-15_3-55 PM

As she lay on the bed and the tube moved slowly over her torso it became apparent that his skill had not improved. she felt slight relief when a nurse entered to assist the doctor, That was until she lost consciousness again due to another accidental heart removal. When she came to, She was Mum to a baby girl.

04-13-15_4-01 PM 04-13-15_4-01 PM-2 04-13-15_4-02 PM04-13-15_4-07 PM

She waited until she arrived home to share the news with her surprised family. Angela had convinced them all she was going to have a boy yet here she was a precious baby girl. “I like the name Marceline. I think my dad would have loved it, How do you feel about it” Tate asked.

04-13-15_4-04 PM-2 04-13-15_4-05 PM 04-13-15_4-05 PM-2 04-13-15_4-06 PM

Everyone took turns cooing over the baby. Angela didn’t need to worry about Morello suffering sibling jealousy as he adored his sister and she felt the same about him, She giggled and laughed whenever he was near her. Oddly she cried everytime Milano came into view. This had started to upset him and he took his turn at toy smashing, Only hugs and reassurance from his mum could make him feel better. He didn’t understand he loved his baby sister yet she didn’t seem to like him.

04-13-15_4-07 PM-2 04-13-15_4-06 PM-2 04-13-15_4-08 PM-304-14-15_4-06 PM-204-14-15_4-05 PM-204-14-15_4-05 PM

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