Life plans part 2

Things had moved fast and had no plans of slowing down anytime soon. They hadn’t discussed kids Neither of them had really wanted any Chinedu was pretty career driven and Kalani worried he wasn’t paternal and children would influence his old ways to return.

The Pregnancy was unwanted but by the time it had been discovered it was too late. Chinedu just got on with things she was an optimist and began to see the soon to be new addition to the family as a blessing. She happily prepared the nursery and sought Medical advice from Rebel on a regular basis.

Kalani on the other hand was tense. The upcoming birth made him worry. he was unable to overcome his fears and found himself withdrawing away from his family to the familiar safety of the basement. The darkness and the icy coldness of the iron bars were the only things that helped him relax and forced his dark thoughts out of his mind.

This is where Zahir and Rebel found him and told him the story of the Vogel legacy. “We as a family have been through a lot. We have overcome Hatred, Heartbreak, Loss. Loneliness, depression and much more. We Strive to be the best person we can be and bring pride and honor to the once disgraced name of Vogel. We believe in each other and in you. You will be a great father because you are already a great man. You have a good strong heart and only lack confidence in yourself. We are here to support you and keep you on the right path. We love you Kalani.”

Kalani left the Basement with a new feeling of self worth and confidence.

>The legacy continues>